Error! Bookmark not defined - how can I resolve this


One of my library users is trying to add references to his Word document via Endnote. He has been using Endnote for a while and has never had a problem. However, he is currently working on a paper in Word, which has been moved to a new computer and a new version of Word, and he is using his old Endnote Library on a new version of Endnote (X6) and whenever he adds a reference it says “Error! Bookmark not defined”. We have tried opening a new document and a new Library, but the message is still coming up. How can we overcome this please?

Many thanks, from,

Caroline De Brun

Clinical Support Librarian

Royal Free Medical Library

This doesn’t sound like an EndNote issue but one related to MS Word and the document’s Table of Contents or “List” (figures, tables)  . But given the upgrade changes to both EndNote and MS Word, suggest the user: 1) make a backup file of the MS Word document; 2) unformat then update the EndNote citations; then 3) regenerate the TOC.