Error message "The username/password specified is not valid"


I am using EndNote X7 since 4 years, and recently I have an Error message “The username/password specified is not valid” in my main computer (Look at the attachment).

I have no idea what to do,  to remove the Sync statuse and to work normally with the other devices, so please advice me?

You would want to try to re-enter the password saved in EndNote for the Sync feature.

Go to Edit then down to Preferences.

On the new window click on Sync on the left.

Here is has the password remembered.

Clear the password and re-enter it.

Click Apply then OK.

Go to Tools and Sync.

If you still get an error message you can try again or go to the website and reset the password.

If you continue to have trouble then please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1


Many thanks, I really apprciate your support

Thanks TMartin :smiley: