Error when trying to create multiple bibliographies in one doc

I have a patron working on her dissertation, using Word 2007 and EndNote X4. She has her chapters in separate documents, and is now trying to combine them into one, with a bibliography at the end of each section/chapter, instead of one long one at the end (using the Planta output style, edited to add bibs to each section). She has been copying/pasting, and I advised her that the EndNote code probably would not carry over; that she could c/p the text and then re-add the citations from her EndNote library. It worked for her first chapter, The second one, she gets this error: “The requested member of the new collection does not exist.” It is also doing odd things with her formatting (bolding and renumbering citations), but the main thing is the error.

Safest to unformat each document before combining.  Separate chapters with a section break and then make sure they are using a output style that designates that each chapter has its own bibliography setting.  

see this faq for more information: 

To edit a style to change this setting, from Endnote Edit>output style> edit “chosen style”

Sections has the options.

then (and this is really important) – save as to a new name and then change the word2007 endnote ribbon to use this new name as the output style in the document.  changing it in the endnote program has no effect on the existing document.  

This should format the bibliography for each chatper.