Error with format of author names in citations

I have EndNote Web through my university and currently have it linked to Microsoft Word 2016. The issue that I am having is that when I attempt to cite my references, in ANY format that I have tried so far, the "citations’’ section has the references listed by only the initials of the authors, for the first name and surname.  I want the first names of my references to appear. I’ve exhausted the Tools/Settings in Word itself and on the EndNote website. What can I do to fix this? 

Thank you

EndNote supports over 6000 thousands style so it can be difficult to find a style that matches that requirement.

One that will show the full first name is called MLA.

You appear to be linked to Ohio State University so you should be able to contact an EndNote online Admin who should be able to edit any style that you might want to use with EndNote online and make the style show the Full First Names of authors that is if you have them entered in EndNote online.

TM, 1) How does a user find out who the administrator is?

        2) How does an administrator get assigned and gain this ability?  

  1. You would normally contact a librarian on campus.

  2. A librarian on campus contacts the Sales Rep or follow the steps from the Knowledeg Base to request Administrator access.


From what our librarian has determined, having an Institute desktop site license, does not qualify us for this, we would need to be WoS subscribers?  That is disappointing.  

I would be happen to pass along the request that they add the ability to have an EndNote online Admin as part of the purchase of a Site or Volume license of EndNote for EndNote online.

Currently they only to have an EndNote online Admin is as part of a WOS subscription.