"et al" does not appear in the citation of several authors

When I insert a citation that has more than two authors should appear “et al” but although I have established that format, it does not appear, only the name of the first author and the year is inserted, I hope you can help me, thank you.

what output style are you using? can you attach it and be sure it is the same exact one that is used in the document on the endnote ribbon (and that if you edited it, you gave it a new unique name and use that unique name in the word document).

I was investigating and I realized that my mistake was that I had not placed the authors in different lines, therefore, I have been able to solve my problem, but now I have a new problem or doubt.
Is it possible to place ibid, idem, ibidem, with endnote when a reference is repeated consecutively?

I am using a format used in anthropology, I have been checking that “ibid” appears as a footnote but I do not use footnotes because I need them to appear directly in the text like the other references.

I would really appreciate your help!!


It is rare that people would use ibid etc unless using footnotes. Endnote does not have this ability. You can shorten subsequent appearances, but it makes no difference as to whether they are consecutive or not, and only really is shorter if you show more than one author the first time.

I understand!!
I really appreciate the help you gave me!!