How to avoid repeating the same author?

Hi, just three quick questions:

In intext citations, how can I show “ibid.” instead of the same “author, year” repeatedly?

Also in intext, how to show “et al.” for multiple authors?

In the bibliography, how can I show “—” instead of the same “author” in every source?

Thank you so much!!

I have never heard of using Ibid in in text citations, only in footnotes, so you will only find that option for repeated citations in the footnote settings in the Output styles.  

The et al settings are in the “Citations” Author List settings of the output style, where they are usually more than 3 or more authors, or sometimes 4 or more, are replaced with 1 author and et al.  

The use of — instead of a repeated author in the bibliography are also in the output style in the Bibliography template Author List settings, where Replace repeated authors with:  ---- is the last option.  

Often Endnote has a style that is already defined for many publications and is set correctly, but you can always edit any style to produce the correct out put for a publication.  

To view and edit these settings, in Endnote, you Edit>edit output styles, edit “your style”.  Remember to “Save as” to a new name and then to use the newly named style in the endnote ribbon in your word program.