Import Excel-File


I converted an Excel-File as suggested.

If I try to import the tab delimited file, I get no error message, but nothing happens.

I attach the tab delimited Excel-file from my first trial. What is wrong with this file?

I use Endnote X6 on a Mac.

Any suggestions are welcome!


Test.txt (132 Bytes)

The field names in the second line of your text file should be based on the Generic field names. So “Secondary Title” should be used instead of “Newspaper”; “Date” should be used instead of “Issue Date”; and since the newspaper reference template does not include a generic “Issue” field you may need to modify the reference template first so you can specify the generic field.  (For the current example “Issue” was changed to “Volume” as an illustration.)  (See attached image.)

Correcting the field names will enable importing the data (see attached image). To view the generic field names go to the EndNote toolbar and search via Help for “Reference Types”;  or select Edit > Preferences > Reference Types > Modify Reference Types. 

Thank you so much!