Experiences and omitted features of version 21 (after migration from version X9)

I just upgraded Endonote to the latest version 21 (from X9).

The Endnote looks fine, there are several issues that worked in the previous version (and I used them daily) and I can’t find them in the current version.

  1. When searching online “automatically discard duplicates” is missing

When I searched on pubmed in the past, I was able to tick to only offer me articles that I don’t have in my database yet. Now it always offers me all articles, and I have to search for possible duplicates manually only afterwards with the Library/Find duplicates option.

This bug is major, the inability to “automatically discard duplicates” causes one to spend a lot of time cleaning up the database on a regular basis.

  1. If I accidentally click more times on the “+” in the online search window to add the searched article to the local database, it puts it there repeatedly, regardless of the fact that this creates multiple duplicates. I have to remember that the particular article I have already added to the database, or clean the database regularly by looking for duplicates after each use of the program. In the past, however, Endnote was able to prevent this.

I think this is major bug, the presious version X9 was more user-friendly, and understanding the needs of the scientist

  1. In the past, when searching online, there was an option to keep the “search list” and just add new search articles. Now, when I enter a new search, it always deletes the previous one. Is there any way to prevent this?

Also major bug, the presious version X9 was more user-friendly.

  1. In the past (X9), when I searched for an article via online search, it was automatically entered into the database and I could directly cite it directly from the list of searched articles. (in 1 click)

Now when I want to cite an article from the online search, I have to hit “+” and put the reference in the library. Then I have to go to the “Recently added” window, find it in the list, as the article is just randomly mixes in with the previous “recently added” ones. And just then can I cite it (many clicks and list searching…)

Please, do something with that… the new tags in 21 are clever and nice… but presious version X9 was more user-friendly.

Thank you for your help


ver. 20 was a step backwards. we hoped that ver 21 would address our concerns. Unfortunately it did not…