Export from PsychInfo to EndNote on Mac

I can not export references I found in PsychInfo to my EndNote Libraries. I have seen a similar thread for Windows, but I work on macintosh and I can’t find a way to do it. In fact, when I ask to export, it does it but ends in my downloads and from there I can’t make the transfer to an EndNote Library. In my downloads, references I exported are files.ris

Does someone know how to solve that problem?  

Are you using PsycInfo from Ovid or somewhere else?

Actually, I do not know exactly, I am a beginner in the use of EndNote. I am using PsychInfo trough the services of my university library services: they have a direct access to PsychInfo. Where should-I look to know if I am using Ovid?


If the access is direct it is probably through APA PsycNet.  look at the top of the interface, you would see “Ovid” at the top of the search interface if you were using Ovid.  Also, did you contact your library, they might have someone there to help? 

I tried at the reaserch help service and they refered me to this forum. But I shall try at the library as you say.

Thank you for your help, and if I find the solution, I will write it down on the forum.


The solution is to drag and drop  (without opening) the downloaded ovid.cgi file from your downloads folder to the Endnote appplication icon on your dock.  If your Endnote library is open, it will import but if not, it will ask wich library you want to open and then import the references.    This process also works for EbscoHost databases (downloaded file is named “delivery”) and  Informit databases (downloaded file is named “save records”) .  I hope this helps!

If you are using Safari, that browser will not allow Direct Exports to take place.  You would either need to import the file after it is saved or use a different browser, Firefox for example: