Export one or a few citations into a table in MS Access


I am trying to build a MS Access database including a table of references. I have made this table with ~15 fields for each reference (based on EndNote fields). I have ~500 entries in the database, and most of them have different citations. Copying and pasting individual fields for this many references is kinda overwhelming. I understand EndNote works only for Word, but are there any ways to make this process easier?

PS. I saw in the forum ways to export the whole library to Access, but my library contains ~3000 other references that are totally irrelevant to my database. Also my library is getting constantly updated with new references. So exporting the whole library is not an option for me (I think, or let me know if you have a better idea).

If you created a group that contained the references or added a specific keyword, and make a smart group based on that keyword, for the records you wanted in the access file, you could export just that group each time in the access format? 

Aaaargh… yes groups of course… that’s going to be a way! Unfortunately though when I started this new project of algal biofuel (also coinciding upgrading to X6), I stopped grouping references. I will start doing this. Thanks for the suggestion.

BTW, do you know if EndNote will enable “Cite as You Go” in other programs such as Access? Both Access and EndNote being databases, I see a lot of similarities between the two. And then, when I place a citation in one of the table in Access, EndNote can collect all of them and update a pre-defined reference table. You know just like in Word, but in a separate table. I’d pay more, if this feature is enabled in new versions of EndNote. Maybe I am daydreaming too much…

no, I think they just added PowerPoint, but not access or excel. 

Thanks for the timely and accurate answers. I really appreciate them.