Exporting an EndNote library into Microsoft Access

One of my faculty members is interested in using EndNote for a systematic review he’s working on. He’s been using Microsoft Access, but is thinking about making the switch. He would still need to use Access.

Is it possible to export references from an EndNote library or the whole library itself into Microsoft Access? And if so, how? Thank you.

I imagine MS Access has “Tab delimited text” import function. Endnote has “Tab delimited” output style to export all the references.

That should do the job (probably).

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Bob Gear wrote a treatise on this awhile back.  I found it here:


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I’ve followed the instructions given by R.W. Gear. I was successful in exporting/importing Endnote2Access, but the reverse process Access2Endnote imported only 29 out of 5950 references. Is there anybody who could take a look at my (attached) file? What have I done wrong? Thanks in advance!


P.S. I can’t upload the txt file (also too large, 979kb). I can send it by e-mail.

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