Export to excel has messed up my library

So I recently tried exporting a group to an excel filed second do some work with it.  I reviewed several videos on YouTube.  At one point a Find and replace maneuver is performed on the citations.  I very carefully follow the instructions and performed this.  I’d even separately copied my group into a new group by the same name followed by the #2.  I then performed the find an replace maneuver Selective all fields, inserting special care and return in the fine section and replacing that with semi-colon and space.

If you review my previous post I was not successful in accomplishing my goal.  Subsequently I now have my references peppered with semi-colons everywhere.   I have enclosed an example.

BACKGROUND:; Severe; bleeding; and; coagulopathy; as; a; result; of; massive; transfusion; are; serious; clinical; conditions; that; are; associated; with; high; mortality.; Thromboelastography; (TEG); and; thromboelastometry; (ROTEM); are; increasingly; used; to; guide; transfusion; strategy; but; their; roles; remain; disputed.; OBJECTIVES:; To; systematically; assess; the; benefits; and; harms; of; a; TEG; or; ROTEM; guided; transfusion; strategy; in; randomized; trials; involving; patients; with; severe; bleeding.; SEARCH; STRATEGY:; Randomized; clinical; trials; (RCTs); were; identified; from; electronic; databases:; Cochrane; Central; Register; of; Controlled; Trials; (CENTRAL); (The; Cochrane; Library; 2010,; Issue; 9);; MEDLINE;; EMBASE;; Science; Citation; Index; Expanded;; International; Web; of; Science;; CINAHL;; LILACS;; and; the; Chinese; Biomedical; Literature; Database; (up; to; 31st; October; 2010).; We; contacted; trial; authors,; authors; of; previous; reviews,; and; manufacturers; in; the; field.; SELECTION; CRITERIA:; We; included; all; RCTs,; irrespective; of; blinding; or; language,; that; compared; transfusion; guided; by; TEG; or; ROTEM; to; transfusion; guided; 

How to a cleaning up my citation now?

Thank you very much.

While it was correct to use the Find and Replace feature it looks as though it was mistakenly applied globally to replace a blank space with a semicolon-and-blank-space. 

Is your excerpt residing in an Endnote record’s field, like “Research Notes”? If the text is in an Endnote field, it could be corrected by using Endnote’s “Find and Replace” feature to locate the semicolon(s)+ blank space in a specified Endnote field and replace them with a blank space. (Refer to the attached image which illustrates using Find and Replace to search the Research Notes field to locate the semicolon(s)+blank space and replace them with a blank space.) Once the entries are corrected you can then re-export  the references. 

find and replace.gif

Tried that.   Didn’t work.

What did work great.  Or appears to have worked great was to update my references.

References → Find reference update

Took alittle time but did the trick.

Thanks for looking and helping.

hello there, does anyone have the same problem still? :manvery-happy: