Auto-Replace Hard/Carriage Returns Before Exporting

[Sept. 25, 2013 – as of  EndNote X7]  This product suggestion is based and expands upon recent and past threads regarding problems with hard/carriage returns in EndNote fields such as Keyword, among others, when exporting EndNote libraries or references into a  file format (e.g., Tab Delimited) for importing into software applications such as Excel and Access.

The current workaround is to manually replace hard/carriage returns for each affected EndNote field per reference type which is tedious, time-consuming, and easy to overlook addressing specific fields.

When exporting EndNote libraries or references could hard/carriage returns be automatically replaced with a semicolon followed by a space for applicable EndNote fields across reference types? A few field examples from the Journal Article and Book reference types include the following (Generic field noted in brackets):  1) Keywords [Keywords], 2) ISSN [ISBN/ISSN], 3) ISBN [ISBN/ISSN], 4) Call number [Call Number],  5) Notes [Notes].

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I would like to second CrazyGecko’s suggestion.  I’m using EndNote version X7 and the suggested method by Bob Gear (mentioned in the links of CrazyGecko’s post) is for version 6 and 12 years old, and more importantly no longer works.  I can export the database using EndNote Export format, and re-import, but the carriage returns in the ISBN, keywords, and custom 1-6 fields remain. 



Although it is probably justified to ask the user to accept one by one with the updated reference, avoiding data loss, it is not actually well designed, it is annoying. At least the button “update all fields” and the button “save updates” can be a bit closer, right? Or how about ask the users to accept one by one (if we assume endnote really cannot make a backup), and save them all together at the end. Please just admit it, there is a plenty of room to improve this fantastic feature.