Export URL as an hypertext link in the "title" field ?

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Concerning output styles / bibliography / templates, is there any way to export the URL through the “title” field ?

Attached is an example.

Is it possible ?



This is not currently possible with EndNote. When you are completely done working with EndNote, you can use the Convert to Plain Text command. This will create a copy of the document that is no longer linked to EndNote. You can then manually convert the title into a hyperlink.

Thanks Jason. I will do as you explained.

Is this capabilites planed for a next version of EndNote ?

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I also recommend that you keep the URL in the output, so that it is there to cut and copy into the URL when you manually create it!  

Hello Denis,

We have yet to publish information about any upcoming releases of EndNote. You can certainly submit this as a Product Suggestion:


These suggestions are reviewed by the people who make decisions about the future development of EndNote.

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