Exporting an EndNote Library

This seems like an obvious question but I can’t seem to figure out the answer on my own.  I have a library of 1,000+ documents that I would like to export to another individual. This library contains many (almost 700) pdf documents. I know that I have to send this other individual both the .txt file and the DATA file so that this individual will have both the reference data and the pdfs, and I know how to use Export to create either a text or a rich text file document, but I cannot locate the DATA file in which the pdfs are located.  How do I do that?


You don’t say what version of Endnote you and your colleague are using, but the best way to provide everything is to file>compress the library to an .enlx file which puts the data folder and everything else into one.  That is the file you share, and when they open it, it will unpack the whole thing in its new home.  the .DATA file with accompanying subfolders is in the same folder as the .enl library file itself. 

Thanks! My version is X5).