Export pdfs FROM Endnote

I’m consolidating several X7 bibliographies into one large X9. Some entries have attached pdfs, which make the files very large 0.5GB. How can I get the pdfs out (export) of the app onto my desktop (Mac High Sierra) without having to email each one to myself? Isn’t there a simple Download option? If not, shouldn’t there be??

PS Actually, I cannot email myself the pdfs either: it requires that the email default is set to (Mac) Mail, which I don’t use as I am enrolled in an institutional Google mail program. So there is no other way to extract an pdf from an Endnote file??

my preferred workaroud:  You can search the .DATA folder (and subfolders)  that contains your endnote library for *.pdf and it should pull them all into a search window and you can copy them to a new location.  

That sounds good,  Leanne, but where is the .data folder in an .enlp"?? I searched for .data in the Mac Finder and found nothing of the sort. I have seen the instructions  “move the underlying .enl file and associated .Data folder out of the .enlp package file”, but how is this done??


not entirely sure, as I am a windows user… sorry – but I found this in the knowledgebase:

Note:  If you’ve saved your EndNote library as a package file (.enlp extension), you’ll need to extract the package library’s internal .enl file and Data folder before recovering:

  1. Quit EndNote.
  2. Use Finder to navigate to the folder where your .enlp library file exists.
  3. Hold down the “control” key on your keyboard while clicking the package library file.  Choose “Show Package Contents” from the resulting menu.
  4. Now that you’re looking at the contents of your package library, drag and drop the .enl file and .Data folder from this Finder window and place the two library components elsewhere, such as your Desktop.
  5. Proceed with the library recovery process as listed above by selecting the .enl file that you dragged out of the package library.

Brilliant! It worked, Leanne. Thanks so much.