Exporting citation information along w/cited by citations

First, I’m sorry if this in not the correct community for this question.  If it is not please direct me to where I should post this question:

Q: I’ve been approached by one of our faculty who is needs to report on the number of times her paper has been cited for Promotion and Tenure.   I can gather the information together in WoK but I’m wondering about the most effective way to export that information.  For instance I found that her paper Genetic assessment of straying rates of wild and hatchery reared lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in Lake Superior tributaries, which was published in Dec 2010, was cited 3 times.  Using Citation Report I can export the three citations into an excel report (oddly enough the report does not contain the originally cited paper).

Is there a way I could use EndNote to collect this information and export it in a manner easy for the faculty member of include in a P & T report?

Thanks in advanced


Hi Mies,

You can simply click on hyperlinked numeral next the article that says “times cited” (see screenshot). From there, you can select all of the records listed and click the EndNote button near the top of the screen to export the citing references to EndNote.

Of course, the original item won’t be included in the exported file, but it just takes another click to export it on its own. (Does that make sense?)