Exporting from Factiva

I’m trying to help export citations from Factiva to EndNote.

I found instructions for exporting here: http://asklib.library.hbs.edu/a.php?qid=28833. Similar steps are described here  http://www.library.uow.edu.au/content/groups/public/@web/@lib/documents/doc/uow091656.pdf and here http://www.library.qut.edu.au/find/databases/fullrecord.jsp?id=2420, and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpnMFlLFXG4

I followed the instructions on each exactly, and I tried re-downloading the filter for Factiva available on the EndNote website and from the University of Queenland, but to no avail. No records are imported when I try to import a text file from Factiva with either filter. 

Is it working for anyone else?


There may be a mismatch between the field tags in the import filter and the text file. Have you examined both files to see if the tags match? Could you attach a sample of the downloaded text file?

I just tried again on a different computer, and apparently there wa something going wrong when I saved the file the first time. It works now! If anyone is interested, I attached the file with which I was finally successful, as well as one of the unsuccessful ones. Note that IE needs to be used (not Firefox or Chrome).  

factiva_firefox.txt (17.4 KB)
factiva-copied.txt (17.5 KB)
factiva_ie.txt (1.87 KB)

Just a follow-up: I noticed that extra web coding is retained in text files saved in IE 9. IE 8 does not have this code, so the import into EndNote is successful. I’ve attached two files to compare.

Factiva_IE8.txt (20 KB)
Factiva_IE9.txt (128 KB)