Failed transfer from End Notes Web to EndNotes X5 desktop

The transfer fails with the following mesage.  I can log into Endnotes web via firefox.   Any information willl be appreciated.

'A “Transfer References” error has occurred(3).

Consult ewdnNote documentation or Help for more information.’

Hello, firefly:

The “A ‘Transfer References’ error has occurred (3)” usually means you are being blocked by your institution’s proxy. The message can be resolved by adding an exception for "” within the proxy server settings associated with the computer network that you’re on.  To resolve this issue for your entire site, it would be best to contact your IT department and ask that they add "” to the sitewide proxy server exception list. 

However, these steps can also be applied to a single workstation.  To correct this issue on a particular computer-

1.  Open Internet Explorer, then click “Tools>Internet Options”.

2.  Click the “Connections” tab, then press the “LAN Settings” button. 

3.  In Proxy Server section, click “Advanced”. 

4.  In the Exceptions section, add “” to the list. 

5.  Save settings. 

6.  Try transferring references between EndNote X5 and EndNote Web again.

If the steps listed above fail to resolve this problematic behavior, it has also been reported that unchecking the “Automatically detect settings” option on the “LAN Settings” window may resolve the issue.


Thank you for the information.  However, I am not on  a corporate network nor am I using a proxy server.

The error is occuring in EndNote when I used the EndNote Web transfer facility.   I am using Trend Micro Titanium Security and have set   as a trusted website.

Hello, firefly:

Are you certain? We’ve never seen that error message happen when transferring unless a proxy server is involved. Just to be sure, can you please try the workaround steps I posted for a single workstation?

If it’s not a proxy, SOMEthing must be blocking EndNote Web. If you turn off all your security software, including antivirus and antispyware programs, are you able to transfer?

Hi, I am having the same trouble. I followed the first set of instructions and I tried turning off Trend Micro, but it didn’t help.

Any other ideas?