Failure to convert RefMan library to EndNote

I am trying to convert a RefMan library to EndNote, but I get this error message: “Failed to open converted database”

I’m working on a PC, running Windows 7, and using RefMan Version 12 and EndNote X7.3.

I have successfully converted other RM libraries to EN, and this current library still works fine in RM, but my company is transitioning to EN and I was hoping to salvage this library and not have to re-make it within EN.

Please help, and thank you in advance!

Hard to say without knowing the steps taken to convert the RefMan library to EndNote. Was the process similar to what’s described in the knowledge base article " Converting a Reference Manager database to EndNote" at:

Yes, those were exactly the steps I followed. (Sorry, I tried to include that in the original post but it wouldn’t let me past the URL for some reason.)

When you tried opening the RefMan library in Endnote [File >Open >Open Library] in the pop-up dialog box after designating the file name did you also change the Files of Type setting to “Reference Manager databases”?

Yes. Here are the steps I followed:

Within EN:

In File > Open Library: Chose the RM library I’m trying to convert and selected “Reference Manager Databases (*.rmd)”

In “Convert Reference Manager Database” dialog box: selected “Convert”

In “Save Converted Library as” dialog box: assigned new library name of “Test” and saved as type “EndNote Library (*.enl)”

Saw a brief status bar labeled “Converting References…” which then disappeared and was replaced with the error message “Failed to open converted database.”

Are you able to open the library in Reference Manager-wondering if you might have a corrupted library file or record within  the library. Can you try saving the library using a different filename then try the conversion process again?

Can you provide/attach a small sample file from your RefMan library? Also, did you check whether the RefMan reference types and fields align with the reference types and fields in Endnote?

Yes, the RM library opens in RM, and I can use it just fine back and forth with Word. It’s fully functional, except for being unable to convert to EN. However, this library is several years old and has gotten corrupted at least once before. RM seems to be buggy in that way.

I just copied all the refs in my problem RM library into a new RM library, which then converted to EN perfectly fine (and yes, the RM fields that I use align just fine with EN fields). So – I think my problem is solved, since I can now transition these projects to EN without having to recreate the entire library, which is a relief. And now I know what to do next time one of my RM libraries proves too stubbon to make the conversion!

Thank you for your help!