Failure to sync

New computer running Endnote X 7.4 (Bld 8818) (Northwestern University institutional license) under Windows 10. Sync preferences accepts username and password, but does not sync. Screen simply necomes grey when OK button applied. Have one other laptop with Endnote running under Windows 7; Endnote syncs successfully on the second laptop.

I’m experiencing a similar Problem.

I’m using Endnote X 7.4 (Build 8818) on my private Mac Laptop and on my new office Computer running Windows 10.

Endnote Sync works fine with my Macbook but setting it up on my Windows-Computer fails. After I enter my login-details into the sync-section in preferences, a process-bar appears with the headline “Authorizing”, which then changes to “Retrieving [something]” but then disappears immediately. It seems as though the sync-process were shutting down right it starts. The login-details remain entered but the library doesn’t sync.