I try to sync and nothing happens


I’m using EndNote X7.7.1 on OS X 10.9.5.

The sync function was working perfectly up until today. Now I click ‘sync’ and the ‘authorizing’ bar shows for a moment but otherwise nothing happens.

Any suggestions?



What happens if you click on the sync status button (under All References in the left sidebar). Does it give you any messages under the status section as to what happened?

Make sure you are using the right password, I had this problem a while ago, it turns out I changed a password to this forum (or it might have been my Web of Science password) and it also changed my endnote web password, I didn’t realise the accounts were linked.

Sadly that didn’t work - the username and password are both correct.

Weirdly I don’t seem to have a ‘sync status’ button - the ‘My Library’ bar just includes ‘All References’, ‘Unfiled’, ‘Trash’ and then my groups and online searches. Perhaps the fact that it’s missing is a clue…?

Thanks so much for trying to help!


I have provided a screen shot of my library with the sync icons highlighted and the sync preferences (where mine is not set to auto sync) and is not “enabled” so I sync when I wish to.  

Are you on a windows machine, or on a mac?