Figures keep disappearing

Me and my writing partner are writing on the same document through Word Online in the desktop version. 

Everything is working perfectly fine, until we need to insert figures. This is done by adding the figures into the reference in EndNote programme, and then we click on Insert figure through the EndNote tab in Word. 

The figures keep disappearing after we update our “Citations and Bibliography”. 

Does anyone know what we are doing wrong? And is it preferable that only the one of us do the inserting of figures?

I don’t think Endnote every reliably implemented the Figure options and it was unpopular as Word had a much better way to handle them.  – I suggest you use Word captions settings rather than Endnote for this.  They never took it away, but it isn’t something I would depend on.  

Can you please describe how we insert figures in Word with use of the right reference?

(Short time Endnote and Word user)