Film Citations in MLA

Is there any way to configure Endnote X1 to properly cite films in MLA format for a bibliography?  I’m a film researcher and it’s a huge pain to go have to reformat each citation individually to get it to be correct.  MLA format lists films by title alphabetically, not by director.  And that’s just for starters - I’m really disappointed that Endnote doesn’t even come close to doing films right in MLA.

Yes, it’s a problem. Part of the problem is that the EndNote “Film and Broadcast” reference type can be used for films, TV programmes, radio programmes, etc.

If you only use this reference type for films, the attached style may help. It will format the Title, Series Director, Performers, Distributor, Year Released and Medium fields. It should insert the title of the film in the text of your document, and sort the bibliography by title.

But because it has been modified to list director and performer names in direct order (firstname lastname), it will cause problems if you are citing articles in edited books.

EndNote always struggles with the complex referencing styles used in the humanities.
MLA Copy.ens (62.9 KB)

Thanks for the response John.  I just get an error message when I try to open your attached file.

It opens fine for me (X3).

Is it an endnote error (perhaps the X3 file isn’t backward compatible)

If a brower error, perhaps your browser has settings that don’t recognize the file type and thus reject it?  What is the error msg?  Did you try to right click and save it to your local drive and open it from there, or save i to your styles folder and open it from Endnote?

It just says “The document “MLA Copy-2.ens” could not be opened.”  I tried opening it directly and saving it.  It maybe be because I am using version X1, not X3.

I just opened it in X2 and there weren’t any real changes between X1 and X2 with regard to styles. 

So I think you should right click and save it to where your styles are kept and see if Endnote can see it and open it?  It might have to be in the right home for X1? 

I’ve dropped the file into the EndNote styles folder, and it appears to be there, but it just doesn’t work when I try to insert citations using it.  The program either automatically reverts to MLA.ens, or if I delete that, it can’t cite at all. 

can you post/attach it back here and we can check it isn’t corrupted or something silly?

Well, I’ll try.
MLA Copy.ens (62.9 KB)

looks okay, I have PMed you.