Format a movie correctly for APA?

I used the reference type “film or broadcast” in my library for a movie. The form asks for “Director” and “Producer”, but when I put them into my bibliography, the director comes out identified as the writer, and “producer” is in the wrong place for APA (after the title and date instead of before it), and “motion picture” is not identified. I have identified the library as APA 5th.

Is there another reference type for this, or is there an overwrite?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Yep, it seems weird.  The style in APA in my EndnoteX2 lookes like this.   

Director (Writer) |(Year Released)|. Title| [Medium]|. In Producer (Producer)|,

Series Title|. Country|: Distributor|.

You (or somebody) needs to edit the APA style.  This is where you should change Writer to Director I guess, and move the Producer to where you want it to be?  The “In” in front of  Producer is obviously wrong too?  I think you might want a place to put the Writer, but there doesn’t seem to be a place for it in the ref type, so that is a more difficult fix, as it would to be done for each user, or export/import a ref type file.  

This bug still exists in Endnote x7, time to fix it properly after 5 years surely…