Filtering MARC records based on indicator value

In the EndNote X8 help, I see the following:

"Rules for MARC Import Filters

EndNote allows you to specify only the first three digits of the tag when designing a filter for MARC records"

This implies that indicator values cannot be used to filter MARC imports – is that correct?

We would like to make sure that certain note fields, marked private via an indicator value, are excluded from EndNote imports in the connection file we provide to our users. Is there a way in current EndNote versions to set the tag so that the filter will only import, say, “561  1” but not “561  0”?

There are only a few fields for which this is the case, so I’d rather not globally set the “Data starts in column” to 6 and try to parse all indicators for all records. 

(And yes, we’re also trying to get this data excluded from our z39.50 in the first place, which would be a better solution to the problem.)