Find Figure(s) not working EndNote X4

Dear Fellow EndNote Users,

I’ve been trying to assist a colleague with a problem with EndNote X4, but it has got us stumped. She has a library with a mix of bibliographic records and some which are figures. The figures are all on Figure workforms. CWYW is working for her, but when she tries to use Find Figure(s) the search always comes back with zero results. One thing we did note was that, unlike with Find Citation where the Library name is at bottom of results pane, with Find Figure(s) no library was apparently being searched. Has anyone encountered this and resolved it? We’d be grateful for some pointers.

For information her computer set up is:

Windows 7 Professional

EndNote X4.0.2

Word 2010 (Track changes off)

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Are the figure images stored in EndNote’s “Figure” field? Also a quick test shows that besides placing images in the Figure field adding a caption in the Caption field facilitates search capability.

If the figure images are stored in EndNote’s “Attachment” field instead of the Figure field and without an accompanying caption that might explain not finding any figures.

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Thanks CrazyGecko

We’d missed the fact that the attached file was in Attached File rather than in Figure. One very happy PhD student can now continue with her report.

Kind regards