How to reference figures

I’m having all sorts of trouble with Figures in Word with EndNote.

Here’s what I want. 

  • -Figures shown in Figures section at end of report.
  • -Words “Figure ##” or something similar where figure is referenced in text.
  • -Citation or source for figure listed in references or images or anywhere really.
  • -A figures table, which I have. BUT one of the listings has a couple words next to it, that appear to be the image name or title or something, but none of the other listings do. I can’t see what field it is showing, because I tried to change that text in the fields in endnote and couldn’t find it. One of the figures is showing up in the figures table. It’s a list Fig1, Fig2 , Fig3 etc. Then Fig11 BAM IMAGE HERE, Fig12, Fig13, and so on. I don’t see why Fig 11 wants to put the image itself in the figures table, while the others don’t. For the record, I don’t want them in it.

While I see a lot of value and use in EndNote, as a relatively new user (but quite tech savvy person), I’m finding it very frustrating to use.

Anyone able to help out with these?

The inclusion of figures in Endnote was a failed experiment and one they have stopped improving, but left in place for the simple uses, that some users seem to be able to get to work.  

– it is far far better to use Words tools to handle figures, albeit auto numbering and cross referencing them in the text is very complex.  You certainly can’t “cite” in the inserted caption from Endnote for example as it is plain text only, if that is what you were hoping for. 

Don’t shoot the messager, – I am just a user too.  

Thanks for your response Leanne.

That’s interesting to hear. It is a free program I guess, so we accept what we’re given. I might try out some alternatives next time I have a report to do.