Find where and how often a reference has been cited in my document

Dear all,

in a long manuscript I would like to get an overview of how often and at which particular places I cite a certain reference.

The “Edit & Manage Citations” window lists the citations in the order of appearance; and marking one of these then causes the manuscript to jump to the corresponding place of citation. But I still have to manually scroll through the list to find the next place of citation of a particular reference.

Using the column header to sort it by number of appearances helps only in the sense that if a certain reference has been cited n times and no other reference has been cited n times, then all appearances are listed immediately one after another. But if there are multiple references, all of them being cited n times, then I again have to scroll through that (sub)list, because within that sublist they are still listed in order of appearance.

So basically I am looking for a way of “filtering” the view of the “Edit & Manage Citations” window to only show the marked reference to quickly verify and skip through its places of appearance.

Besides this semi-manual way I can use SRTG+F to search within the MS Word document for the citation itself, e.g. when using the numbered output style I can search for the corresponding number, e.g. “20”. But this doesn’t work anymore as soon as there are grouped citations, e.g. “19-21”. And in addition I find all values, formulas, dates etc. containing “20”, like “in 1920” or “at 720 nm” which I’d like to omit, of course.

Is there a better way of finding and browsing the places where a certain *single* reference has been used?

Thanks in advance for any help,


(recently migrated to ENX5 from EN9, using MS Word)

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The “how often” is available in X5 if you right click in a formatted citation in the word document and choose “Edit citation, more” bringing you to the citation manager.  There they are all listed, with the number of citations per record. 

Then you can sort them either sort them by citations (which orders them by the first name in the group of citations I guess) or by number of citations, but it doesn’t look like it is possible to sort on the individual citation, which would be the most useful way to jump to each citation in a long manuscript for records cited multiple time. 

Might be worth a suggestion in the other forum, pointing to this discussion? 

With regard to your manual search trick,to find the citation in the word document, when numbered… I would simply reformat the document temporarily with an output style that is an Author, date format, so your search in grouped citations still finds it. 

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Dear Leanne,

thanks for your reply!

Right-clicking a citation brings you to the same window, yes, and is a nicer way to start from that particular reference which I want to look for.

Sorting the list of citations in the “Edit & Manage Citations” dialogue by “citation” seems to always give the order of appearance, even within grouped citations.

And of course you are right and it didn’t strike me - it is more convenient to use a Output Style giving author names when using the MSWord search. As well you could (temporarily) deactivate the grouping in the Output Style, or use the “Convert to Unformatted Citations” button to be able to search for names or even Record Numbers (searching for “#20” will give less erroneous hits than for “20”).

With respect to your suggestion of mentioning this to “the other forum”: as I’m new here and don’t want to create threads twice, which one do you mean? Product Suggestions, I guess?


Yes, I meant Product suggestions, or you could just go to and the support pages and log a suggestion there.  The advantage to it being in the product suggestions forum here, is that others might say “me too” and lend support, helping it to get onto their list. 

Sounds fine. So I’m going to create a note in the Product Suggestions Forum, pointing to this thread. Thanks again for your quick support!

Any further comments and suggestions are welcome.