Finding fulltext & DOI

Hi all,

I’ve just downloaded a trial version of X2 (for XP) at home with an exisiting library. I have read the posts in the forums and tried to figure out why the fulltext download rate was so low. I checked the DOI column and discovered only 27% of the articles in my library contain the DOI info.

Now I don’t want to redo my search and download everything again as it took me several days to screen 3000 articles and reduce it to 300. (But if there’s an easy way to add the DOI info back to those articles for the Find fulltext feature to work  I’d be most grateful to know).

For my other systematic review paper, I have just conducted my search in PsycInfo CSA and Medline Ovid. I did not search the database within Endnote as there’s connection issue.

I encountered 2 problems.

  1. I cannot import any references into Endnote X2 (for XP) from PsycInfo CSA (text file), Medline Ovid (direct export) or Medline Ovid (Reprint/Medlars).  I tried using numerous filters provided by Endnote as well as the ones created by my university, but to no avail. It went through a process for a few seconds but no references appeared in the library.

  2. Using Endnote X1 (for Mac), when I try to save reference into Endnote from Ovid, no DOI is included in the text file or in Endnote library after importing. On the other hand, reference saved from CSA does contain DOI in the text file but when imported into X1, it goes into the Note column rather than DOI. How can I make sure DOI is saved consisently and go into the appropriate DOI column in PsycInfo CSA and Medline Ovid, in both Windows and Mac platform (if it differs)?

I hope I have made myself clear. Any help would be much appreciated.


The records on Ovid Medline don’t include the DOI, as far as I can see.

As you say, the records on Psycinfo CSA include the DOI. It’s not difficult to edit the filter so that it imports the DOI correctly, or you can download a CSA Psycinfo filter from our website which should import the DOI for you.

As an alternative to Ovid Medline, have you thought about using the Pubmed connection file in EndNote? It will import links to Pubmed which will help the Find Fulltext feature to work. Or if you prefer searching the web version of Pubmed, we have a filter that will import downloaded references and should parse the DOI into the correct field in EndNote (see link above).

Thank you, John, for your suggestion.

I have tried the filter and have managed to get all the DOI going into the DOI field.

I have also given the web version of Pubmed a go but am disappointed that only about 50% of the references contain DOI. Is that normal?

Thanks again for your help.

Many journal publishers are not yet using the DOI. And if a publisher does adopt the DOI and applies it retrospectively to all previously published articles, it is unlikely that the records on Pubmed would be updated.