Fix the Tussenvoegsel name (e.g., te, ten, van, von) correct output to bibliography problem URGENT

Tussenvoegsel refers to Dutch (but it occurs in other languages too) where names are formed using 'van, ‘von’, ‘te’, ‘ten’ etc

Apparently the proper bibliographic output for say “Paul ten Have” is

Have, P ten

If the bibliography entry is set up as

Have, Paul ten

it will print out as

Have, P. t.

which is wrong

Over in “How to” CG kindly suggested using a custom field to hold the Tussenvoegsel


and modifying the output style to bring it in

This won’t work in two important cases when

1. a book has two or more authors

  1. a book section has authors and editors

They then suggested using a custom field for author and editor names but this is not feasible

I note in looking at the output styles it uses a caret ^ to switch between plural and singular editors

So it seems to me that the simplest approach would be

(1) to leave the Tussenvoegsel associated with the particular author

(2) to enclose it in special symbol such as a dollar sign (an absolute cell reference identifer in spreadsheets) which would mandate to Endnote to print it in full, i.e. not abbreviate. For example it could look like

Have, Paul $ten$

This would then result in the output

Have, P. ten which would be correct

Please advise how this vexing problem, which I have spend a week on can be fixed

Warm regards/gary