Unusual Initial

Hello Endnote Users,

I have an unusual name I need to cite. In the original article, there are three authors identified as follows.

G. A. Brinkman

J. Visser

L. Lindner

The fourth author is identified as:

J. Th. Veenboer

This is strange. If they are abbreviating all words that are not in the last name, why is the second word “Th.”?

The citation style I am using collapses all names except the last to first initials:

G. A. Brinkman, J. Visser, L. Lindner, J. T. Veenboer…

Is there anyway to tell endnote that the “T.” should be “Th.”?



You could try the following to treat that name as a Corporate Author and enter the name as

J. Th. Veenboer,

The comma at the end will force EndNote to display the author as it is typed.

You can find this information on our website here:


If that does not resolve the issue then

Please contact Technical Support directly

1-800-336-4474 option 4 then 1 or


Very few of my own references include full names, so I guess if I were faced with this, I would use an output style that doesn’t abbreviate the names, and the exact way they are listed, would be output.  However, how is the name listed in Pubmed?  A quick search showed it indexed as JT not J Th.  so what makes you believe it should be Th. ?  

Int J Appl Radiat Isot. 1977 Mar;28(3):271-5.

Sumpeak calibration of 123I.

Brinkman GALindner LVeenboer JT.

PMID:  863531

Unfortunately, I am forced to use a specific style.

Good question. I assume “Th.” is correct because it is what is printed on the pdf of the article. I believe PubMed is just struggling with formatting as I am.

I am learning that many of the citation data that can be downloaded from journal websites has errors. I trust the PDF.