Footnote citation using Pages word processor in MAC


i’m a new user of endnote and i’m using the footnote system in Endnote.I have created a personalised library from EDIT>OUTPOUT STYLES> OPEN STYLE MANAGER > EDIT based on Chicago A reference style.

although the style appears in the ENDNOTE X5 list of choices

when i am in Pages and try to insert the full reference (after have checked: same as bibliography in the edit window of my personalised reference style)

in the footnote, this appears with the APA system, i have chosen before

because in PAGES> EDIT> ENDNOTE CITATIONS > BIBLIOGRAPHY FORMAT the list has not been “informed” with the 

style that i have added in Endnote.

sorry, if this is not well explained…could someone help me please? (MAC OS X 10.6.8 and PAGES 4.1)

I suggest you check out this faq, near the end.