Footnoting problem

HELP!!..When I starting using endnote the format was correct and then it changed to the ‘short’ format.  When checking the help file it stated … 

Note: You can edit a full reference footnote citation to exclude author name, year, or author/year. Note that the Author(Year) option does not apply to footnotes.  

But this is what is happening.  It is giving me:_

(Hoffman, 2007, #8).

 I have tried updating the footnote template, to no avail.  It has also stopped putting in the Biography details too.  Any suggestions?  Would like to fix this prior to starting on a new assignment.  I was using Chicago 16 and am running on Windows 8


you have only inadvertantly turned off CWYW.  If you go to the Format Bibliography tool - and look on the menu’s 3rd tab, you will be able to “enable” formating and restore things to the way you expect them to behave.  Nothing is lost!  If you can’t find the tool, let us know which verison of Endnote, operating system and word processing program and version.