Format cite number is document

How do I format my reference numbers in the document.  I need to put in superscript, remove spaces between numbers and remove paragraphs.  I have downloaded the style template and applied it but it did not change the references formatting in the paper itself. Please help.

What is your style template?  The information specifying a superscript and no parentheses information is coded there in the citation template. 

Unfortunately, it will not remove spaces.  Those are in the document.  Unformating your references back to {Author, YEAR} and doing a search and replace space{ with just the { will accomplish that. 

What do mean, remove paragraphs? 

In the image attached, you would remove the ( ) and select the words “Bibliography number” and select the A with the superscripted 1 (labeled superscript in the image).  then save to a new name and apply that to your document.  (reenabling the CWYW on tab 3 if you unformated the citations and ran the search and replace described above.)