Format of author name in main text


In my the body text of my thesis one referenced author comes up with full name (Ralph D. Stacey, 2000), whilst all others come up as (Griffin, 2000). If I start a brand new word document, I only get (Stacey, 2000), which is what I want. This goes for all my Stacey references…What have I done wrong?


It is most likely that you have the authors in the various records differently.  If you copy that name from one, to replace all the others, endnote won’t think they are different authors and “diambiguate” them.  R D Stacey, Stacey, R D, Ralph D Stacey or Ralph D. Stacey (with the period) are all interpreted as unique authors.  they all need to be exactly the same.  Sometimes even a double space or an extra space at the end can trigger this.   

Leanne, you are right and I did find the mistake after a very long search (I thought I had checked…!



As the name author–date framework infers, APA Style in-content references … on the other hand with the creator names in running content and the date in brackets.