Format references with ARTICLE NUMBER? Possible?

Using EndNote X9, searched from Web of Science, found many references.

For some of them, ‘Pages’ field is empty, also ‘Start Page’ and ‘Article Number’ fields are empty.

But after ‘Find Reference Updates…’, even though the above mentioned fields are still empty, the DOI field is updated with Article Number. So there are two lines in DOI field, the Article Number and the DOI.

Now if I export references in Word, there will be no page numbers. I hope, if page number is not there, then, the I can put the article number.

Is there any existing function in EndNote to do this?

If not, can I modify the output style to achieve this?

Now, if I modify the output style and put the DOI field in, then there will be two lines, because the DOI field has two lines.

I know I can copy the article number manually from DOI field to, say, Article Number field.

But I would prefer an automatic method, since I have hundreds of references to deal with.

You can use the Change/move/copy fields tool to copy or move things.  You first need to search and sort and show only those records you want to perform the copy or move step to?  Make a copy of the database, so if it doesn’t do what you hoped, you still have the unaltered version to go back to.  

In that case, how can I copy only the article number part? Because in the DOI field, now there are two lines, the first line is the article number and the second line is the DOI.

you may need to contact Clarivate directly, and they may need to work with Web of Science to remap some of those fields.  I don’t use that resource, so can’t help further, sorry. (tagging  @tmartin)