Get EndNote X3 to leave page numbers as entered?

I have a client asking me to add the DOI number to the pages field for articles that have not yet been published. I originally agreed to this, but then discovered that EndNote is adding in extra numbers because it’s treating the DOI like it’s a page range (which seems obvious in hindsight). 

For a variety of reasons, I can’t use the DOI field for this purpose, and the client really wants the DOI to appear last in any formatted references list. Is there any way to get EndNote to leave the page number field as entered (without amending styles)? I tried putting a comma at the end, but that didn’t work.



@smidgebean wrote:

(without amending styles)?


What if you tried putting it in the volume instead? 

Funny you should say that! I suggested the volume field myself, but he really wants the DOI to appear as the last item, and because we have “Epub ahead of print” in the pages field, the DOI will be the second to last item. I really don’t want to start making all kinds of exceptions to how things are done just for this one person, so I was hoping there might be a “leave the pages field as entered” character. But I guess not?

Well, it would mean changing the style, but you can try the first option of the pages rules in the style. (see attached image) But it has to be done for each style, and you said that wasn’t a fix you wanted to consider? 


Changing the style would be a workable option, true, but I don’t want to change 700+ styles because one person has a subjective preference that the DOI comes last. Thanks anyway!