No page numbers for journals using Article numbers??!!

I’m sure this is not a problem only for me, but didn’t get a clue after searching around and didn’t get an answer from cs yet, in a rush for a long document, so post it here.

Most of American Physics Society journals (physical review …) and Institute of Physics journals (Applied physics…) have switched from using page numbers to article numbers.  These articles loaded into Endnote with no page numbers showing up, and no page numbers for the references in Word document (of course).  I’ve tried with X1 and then upgraded to X3, problem the same :frowning:

Anyone gave me some idea on how to handle this?  to load/display the page numbers same as article numbers for these journals?


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One way to accomodate article numbers is to import the article number into Endnote Pages field. INSPEC database assigns article number to the page data field.  When you import these records into EndNote, the article number transfers to the EndNote Page field.

If you import records from other article databases, make sure the database’s import filter transfers article number to Endnote Page field. check the import filters of your favorite article databases and modify if necessary.

If you search ISI Web of Knowledge from within Endnote, the default connection file transfers article number to the Endnote DOI field. Look for “article_nos.article_no” in the ISI connection file template and change the Endnote destination field to Page. If you search Web of Science directly, changing the Connection File will accomodate a direct export from Web of Science to Endnote.

One disadvantage of using the Endnote Page field for Article Number is that you cannot customize an Output Style to add the phrase "Article Number " if that phrase is required for publication. To get around this you could assign Article number to a custom Endnote data field, but that has its own set of consequences.

Feel free to contact me offline if you want more information.


I am not sure if this is what you need, but if you imported the Article number into a different field, you might be able to use this feature (see attachment) in the output style to only include it if there were no vol/page no?  Is that what you are looking for?