In-text citations incorrectly don't display year

I am running Endnote X1 with Word 2003 and I mostly use APA style. I’m still transitioning from being a very happy Procite user and am not a happy Endnote user (there are lots of things that were a lot better with Procite). When I format citations, there seems to be a random bug in which some, but not all, of my in-text citations do not display the year (only the author).  Occasionally, the reverse happens: the authors don’t display. I can manually go in and change this with Edit Citation, but it is very annoying. The output style correctly shows that the display should show (Author, Year). I can’t figure out why this is happening and I can’t seem to predict when it will happen.  Can anyone tell me how to stop it from happening? (Or, tell me this will go away when I switch to Word 2007 later in the year.)

I’ve searched this forum but also can’t see any other queries like this one.

Jennifer Veitch