Formatting changes after recent updates for Windows XP and Office 2007

I have been using Endnote X.0.2. on a PC running Windows XP and Word 2007 for a few months now.  Suddenly within the last 24 hours, my document has changed as if it has lost a link to the library.  I am seeing the field codes in the actual text now.  When I inserted a reference before using CWYW, it would insert a reference number into the text and add the reference to my bibliography.  Now I get a field code.  Can someone please help me!!

Sounds like the toggle field codes problem.  ALT+F9 button.  (if has junk and <Cite> stuff in it). 

If it is {Author, YEAR #RecNo} - then CWYW is off.  Format Bibliography e(ndnote toolbar) and go the the third tab and turn it back  on (or enable).

I think I got this figured out.  It is a Word 2007 issue that arose as a result of recent updates on 10/14/09 thru 10/16/09.  The toggle field suggestion is a good one - it corrects it temporarily, but if you continue writing it reverts to previous jibberish.

To correct the problem, this is what I did:

  1. Changed back the output style to “ACS” from “Annotated” - I am a Chemist, so I use ACS style.  Somehow those Microsoft updates changed the style.

  2. Then I went into the little Windows icon in Word 2007, went to Word Options, clicked Advanced, and scrolled down an unchecked the box that said to “Show Field Codes instead of their values”

Problem was solved - but was a very frustrating 4.5 hours of my life!

Thanks for any and all suggestions and I hope this helps others that may encounter a similar problem.