Formatting Single Bibliography in Document with Sections

I am attempting to format a single bibliography for my dissertation which has multiple sections. The requirement is that I have only one bibliography at the end of my document.

I am using Endnote X3 with the output style of Chicago 15th A, and have set the preferences for this style to produce one complete Bibliography at the end of the document. (In Endnote: Edit\ Preferences\ Output Styles\ Edit “Chicago 15th A” – Sections → Select “Create a complete bibliography at the end of the document”).

BUT … this complete bibliography is divided into sections , each titled “bibliography” (which I have tried to remove with the formatting feature), which correspond with each of the chapters. How do I rectify this situation, as I need one comprehensive bib without sections?

Thank You!

Any suggestions and work arounds will be much appreciated!

What version of word are you using?  

How did you combine the sections?  (copy paste, link, insert document, or using a master document?)


Finally, after editing, did you save Chicago 15th A as a new name and are you using the modified style to  reformat the bibliography in the document? 

I’m using Word 2007. I copied and pasted the sections from individual documents into a master document, inserting section breaks between them.  I’m using the modified Chicago 15th A style to reformat the bibliography.

I think I may have figured out a work around, but I’d love to know a more stream-lined solution.

Thank you!

In my experience, the easiest way to do this, is to unformat the individual documents before copy and pasting (don’t include the formated bibliographies) and then to manually format the document after they are all joined.  As long as you are using the modified style, as you described, you should then end up with one bibliography. 

If it is already combined unformat and remove the individual bibliographies (which are still present as grey fields).  Reformat.  It should now produce a single bibliography at the end of the document.

at the end of this process, if you are going to continue working on the document, and want automatic CWYW, you may need to re-enable it from the format bibliography menu’s third tab.