Formatting suffixes in Author (Year) format

I am writing a description of a list of features, wherein uses of the same feature in previous analyses are listed as “Author (Year, character X)”, as is typical for my field. However, every time I try to add this information on as a suffix, it ends up as “Author(s) (Year), character X”. I have tried formatting this as page numbers as well, but when I do this EndNote cites the entire page span of the reference, rather than the information I want it to cite. I am not sure how to get around this.

Odd but the suffix field might be limited to the (Author, Year) citation format. As a workaround edit the citation to exclude the Year then manually enter the (Year, character X) portion of the citation.

Yes, the Author (Year) format is very difficult to work with other than just doing that specific thing. Additonal text tends to mess it up  – also you need to make sure to use Cited Pages as a field rather than “Pages” which is the record pages field when working in the citation templates, and then it will pull the number from the edit citation field.  

I recommend you use the workaround that CG recommends to achieve your goal.