Formatting Temporary Citation in RM12 not working

Hey everbody,

I have a serious problem with RM12 (Win XP).
The instant formatting function does not work. I only get temporary citations which are neither turned into normal citations nor are they listed in the bibliography.
In CWYW preferences instant formatting is activivated but it still does not work.
On the Adept Science website I read that several people have similiar problems, however, most of them seem to have found a way around this problem by only entering the Ref ID and then do instand formatting. Unfortunately, this does not work in my case?

I just updated to 12.02 but it has not changed anything to do with my problem.

Has anybody found a solution or a hint what I could do?
I need to finish this mansucript within the next week and I donĀ“t really want to re-do everything by hand.

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