French punctuation

As a French user, I am very often upset with the way endNote deals with punctuation. In french, the typography rules require a blank before “:” and “;”. So, when you are typing things wtih “;” or “:”, word processors insert a blank before these signs.

But endNote cannot deal with this, so I have to remove blanks before formating a document.

For example, EndNote deals with {Ref1; Ref2} but not with {Ref1 ; Ref2}

Please, endNote people, could you ignore blanks before reserved punctuations in CWYW?

Thanks a lot


This support is already available. You need to adjust the styles you use as follows: select Edit->Output Styles->[your style], select “Punctuation” in the left panel and switch from English to French.

 - Mathilda Edmunds

Hi Mathilda,

This is not a question of layout

My concern is that when I’am typping {ref1 ; ref2}, because there is a space (a blank character) between ref1 and the semi-colon, EndNote cannot find the reference and give me a "No matching references found for "ref1 " (note that the space is still present)




Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have been able to reproduce this issue and will be investigating how to fix it.

In the meantime, as a workaround, entering temporary citations in the format {ref1}{ref2} will combine the references into one citation when updating the bibliography.

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In X7.3, French punctuation is not working. Although, the option is supposed to add a space before and after multi-part marks and symbols : ; " " ! ? % $ #, it doesn’t add any space. 

Please note that in French typography rules, (and Word is properly programmed to respect this behavior), there is no space before the % and $. 

Also note that in fact, the space is not a regular space but a non-breaking space. In Word, this space is represented by a special mark (a wave on a dot). This option is activated when you check the option to automatically replace the traditional quotation mark " " with the «». 

The non-breaking space in Word will never separate the colon : or semi-colon ; or question mark ? or quotation mark «» from the immediate precedent word, especially when the text is justified (left and right), neither will it increase artificially the space between the both, in the same conditions (justified text).

Endnote still doesn’t support these typographic rules properly. The option is ineffective. 

Thanks for taking this into consideration. 


EndNote X8… and French punctuation still not working! That’s quite unacceptable for a mature product.

EndNote X8… and French punctuation still not working. This is not acceptable for a product of that price and level of maturity. Please, wake up guys and fix this ASAP.