fresenius environmental bulletin endnote style

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I am wanting to find out if anyone has the EndNote Style for Fresenius Environmental Bulletin endnote style. Please respond Urgently.

I found two sets, one with the authors all in caps and the one below… but it would help if you had indicated what the style needed to reflect. The style of PLoS is extremely close to this.  I added brackets around the numbers in the attached. 


References should appear in numerical order in brackets

and in order of their citation in the text. They should be

grouped at the end of the paper in numerical order of

appearance. Abbreviated titles of periodicals are to be

used according to Chemical or Biological Abstracts, but

names of lesser-known journals should be typed in full.

References should be styled and punctuated according to

the following examples:

in number to those absolutely necessary.


should be numbered in the order of appearance

in the text.


Original Papers:

[1] Author, N.N., Author, N.N. and Author, N.N. (Year) Full title

of the article. Journal and Volume, first and last page.

Book or Proceeding:

[2] Author, N.N., Author, N.N. and Author, N.N. (Year) Title of

the contribution. In: Editor/s (Ed-s.) Title of the book or proceeding.

Volume, Publisher, City, first and last page

Doctoral thesis:

[3] Author, N.N. (Year) Full (Year) Title of the thesis, University

and Faculty, City

fresenius.ens (15.5 KB)

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Thank You will try it out.

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