Full name of journals/abbreviation - choice of use in footnotes and bibliography

Dear all,

I have another product suggestion. EndNote provides a quite good feature “Term List”, which I use for Journal abbreviation. I do have the situation, that I want to/have to use the “Use full name of Journals” in my bibliography, but the “Abbreviation 1” in my footnotes. Is it possible to add the ability to choose, which one to use in Citations (which should be extende anyway, because “Author” and “Year” are not enough, but I hope this has been suggested already), Footnotes and Bibliography.

And, secondly, to have a possibility to extract the “Term List” from EndNote to add it like a list of abbreviations to your document - there are a lot of commen abbreviations, but not for all journals, so they have to be provided in your work.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.