Journal - using with and without abbreviation

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I have another question, but haven’t found a solution by searching this forum.

Is there a possibility to use the “use full name of journal” of a Journal’s name in the bibliography and the “abbreviation 1” in footnotes? As far as I have tested the “Journal Names” section I can only use only one…

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still no idea on how to achieve the desired result?

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I don’t think current Endnote can do that. Only one abbreviation style is chosen for bibliography and footnote. How about request to Thomson?


yes, I propably should request it as a new feature… Although I fear, they cannot develop as fast as I try to make use of EndNote :wink:

Thanks anyway.

The only way I can think of, would be to use curley brackets for one and square brackets for the other, with CWYW off.  (or CWYW on for one of them).  Then when ready to submit.  ON A COPY, format one set, unlink the fields, and then change the preferences for the EN delimiter, change the style and format the other. 

As an alternative, you could manually enter the short form of the journal into another field and use that for the footnote templates. 

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Thanks for your input, which is highly appreciated. 

If I understand you correct, this means avoiding using the Abbreviation tool of EndNote, which is quite good. Only the things you can do with it, are very limited…


@tostue wrote:



yes, I propably should request it as a new feature… Although I fear, they cannot develop as fast as I try to make use of EndNote :wink:


Thanks anyway.

They probably determine new features based on the user base and the level of urgency, so the new features tend to go to the bottom of the list, if the requests are coming from only just a few numbers of people. Even one person finds one function really critical, if the number of people with the same problem are not large, developers do not take that request as a top priority. That certainly make sense to manage company and software, but often frustrating from users’ side.

As I read this forum, their top priority seems making EN “really” compatible with Windows Vista 64bit, Word 2007, and Mac OS/Mac Word. I don’t think these fixes are “upgrade”, and they should be “updates” because they claim already EN is “compatible” at the time of release. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean “in all cases”, as evidenced in this forum. Very likely, they will charge for X3 upgrade, and say “now more stable with Win Vista, Word 2007/2008, Mac !”.

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fair enough. Although since Windows 7 is to be introduced this year (Vista is ****), maybe it doesn’t make that much sense. But, it is up to them and I do not really care, since OSS is progressing quite fast and as soon as I find a OSS solution, based in OOO, I will be happy to use it. But there is no CWYW-availability right now, so I try to fiddle with EndNote and try to use it in a way, that fits my needs.

So I suggested it anyway.


No I would use the abbreviation tool - it just can’t cope with two different choices for the different places.  You will still be using the abbreviation terms to produce the correct output to the bibliography (or the footnotes), but it would be two steps. 

It would still be used in the primary bibliography in the second scenario, but couldn’t be silmutaneously used in a different way for the footnotes, hence the manual cludge.  Alt Journal field would be a good place to put the abbrev title.  Since most databases have an abbreviated journal title, you might consider trying to import it directly into both fields, if that is possible?  (I keep asking the developers for a “copy” function, to copy one field to another, rather than only having a “move” option. in fact I think I might go put that in the suggestions part of the forum again.)  Then you could set up the footnotes with the alt Journal field and the bibliography with the preferred journal term list option.