generation of 2 reference lists with endnote

At Deutsches Ärzteblatt International 40 references can be listed in the print version whereas additional citations are published exclusively online. Our instructions for authors say:

“The 40 references for the print version are quoted in the text numerically in brackets, and listed at the end in the order quoted (1–40). Essential additional references can be published additionally in the internet version of the paper and in reprints. These references must be marked with an ”e“ and should also be quoted in brackets in the text. These additional references should also be numbered from 1 onwards, and should be listed separately at the end of the article (e1, e2… etc).”

Unfortunately endnote (and refman) do not support the generation of two reference lists. I wonder whether someone has an idea how to deal with this problem

I can think of a number ways to get close to what you need.  

I think this is what they created the Categories option for, but I haven’t used it. You might want to look atthis PDFwhich discusses 3 automated ways.  But I am not exactly sure how to get the numbering you describe.  You many have use the endnote’s word ribbon “convert to plain text” (ON A COPY – keep the original for further editing later) and replace the ^p with ^pe on the part of the bibliography that has the electronic only references. 

Otherwise there are also manual ways.  

Are  the rest of the references cited or not cited in the text? If NO.  

No:  You could set up a  group of records you want in the paper in Endnote using the Groups option, drag and drop any reference you know you want to include into that group.  Then once the paper is done, create a group from the temporary group of what is actually cited in the paper, and using the combine options, create a new group (right click in group and "cerate a group from groups) of the first group minus the cited group to create a new group of citations that aren’t cited -and copy(^K with the correct output style selected) and paste that into the paper before submission.  You would create a style that puts an “e” in front of the “Bibliography Numbers” field in the bibliography layout.  (eBibliography Number) for example

No: Or you could set up a second section and a cited per section bibliography and put the e-only citations as hidden text or edit citation, “show only in bibliography” to appear in a bibliography only in the second part.   (don’t tick the continue numbering in section settings in the output style, so they start from 1 again in the second section).  

No: Or create a new document with the e-only “citations”  and an output style with a prefix to the bibliography entries as above. Strip the endnote fields (in word use the endnote’s ribbon “convert to plain text” ON A COPY – keep the original for further editing late). 


Yes (or no): If they actually cited, what I have done for other reasons, is to work with CWYW off, and use two different temp citation pairs of characters: for example  square brackets for e and curly brackets for the 40 that will be published (you will need to manually change these after inserting one or the other).  Format the curly brackets normally, and then on the final document, save the document to a new name, strip the endnote fields, and then change the temporary citation characters to the square brackets in the format bibliography settings and reformat with the (e-Bibliography Number)  output style (with an e- in the layout preceding the bibliography number field name).