Going from Word to Endnote

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if anyone knew a good trick to select/highlight the citations used in a Word document in Endnote. That is, after completing a manuscript, I’d like to be able to quickly select the citations used in that manuscript to create a new group in Endnote. I’m imagining something in Word (CWYW) that I do that would then select the records in Endnote itself. I would then take that selection nad turn into a group. My complete library is huge, but I’d like to quickly identify which papers I cited in which manuscript in Endnote.

If my request is not clear, please ask me for details and I will try to explain more.

This happens automatically in EndnoteX4 (much to my consternation when I am writing the paper!), so I assume you are using an earlier version. 

But you can achieve it in any ealier version by unformating the citations to curly brackets in the manuscript, delete the residual bibliography, save it as an RTF file (save as, file type, RTF), close it and from endnote>tools>Format paper - browse to the RTF file and you will get the list of cited references.  Then select them all (select the first one and then scroll down and Shift click to get them all, and “look up” and the refs used will be slected showing in your library window.  Sounds slightly more complicated than it is.